Beloved Over All

Stella Carter and her husband left the racial strife of Kentucky searching for a safe haven in Texas. Benjamin Walters came west seeking to escape the violent secrets of his past in Missouri. Henry Prescott was one step ahead of the law when he left Arkansas for the cattle range of the Southwest.

Unimagined hardships, Indian wars, captivity, and outlaws await these pioneers in the maelstrom of events that engulf the Texas frontier following the Civil War, but they also find daring, courage, and the strength of a mother’s love in their quest. The lives of buffalo hunters, Indians, soldiers, cowboys and settlers intertwine in the struggle to find their place in this beloved land. Based on true characters and events, this novel weaves an action-packed saga of the American frontier.

* Winner of the 2017 WILLA Literary Award

for Original Softcover Fiction

*Will Rogers Silver Medallion Winner

Western Fiction 2017

ISBN 9781523828746

The House on Swiss Avenue

Robyn Merrill hopes that starting a new life in a new place will help to heal her broken heart, but the path she chooses and the people she encounters are not what she expected.

Secluded in her family mansion, Adeline Sinclair has spent a lifetime devoted to memories and to the history of her family, only to question her choices in her twilight years.

Her house on Swiss Avenue brings the two women together to unlock secrets that alter each of their lives, and help them make peace with the past and welcome the future.

2013 WILLA Literary Award Finalist

ISBN 9781482610345

River of the Arms of God


Kate Walters believes she is escaping her controlling father for the life of her dreams when she hastily marries Colby Walters and moves to his ranching empire, Pantera. But she soon finds out that the wide open lands of West Texas hold a host of their own secrets that hold her captive. Only when she is shown the strength to stand on her own by Sarah Graham, a young woman who lived along the Butterfield Stage Route and walked the same ground a 100 years before, does Kathryn find true freedom. The life lessons that both woman learn lead them on journeys that reach across the years and span the continent.

2010 WILLA Literary Award Finalist

ISBN 9781484147450



In a Fevered Land

Lon Prather and his cousin Emory Campbell, determined to escape the drought and financial ruin of cotton farming, follow promises of money and adventure to the Texas oil-field towns of Wink, Kilgore, and Odessa. Irene Sandell captures the historical truth of boomtown life, at the same time weaving a complex and twisting plot of love and hatred, hope and regret, poverty and power.

ISBN 9781490977249

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